Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Fridaily with rah rah

Dear Internet connection: Please stop being flaky!

Business as Usual:

It's October!

Which means, a new issue of EMG-Zine! Our theme is 'bards,' and it is a packed issue, with many juicy goodies!

It also means, it's time to double-check the to-do list. I got yesterday's done by the scrape of my teeth: I was finishing EMG-Zine 15 minutes before it went live after dance class, after panting over the artwork that was due, after accidentally writing an extra story entry, and finishing the one I'd committed to.

For the month, this is what I wanted to do:

  • Commission-Control! - progress!
  • write After Homecoming (switch to Tolnam's POV) (turned it into two stories! Finished both!)
  • Write Meetings - worked on it, but need to switch out some characters!
  • Write journey
  • Finish painting Journey - *hangs head*
  • Sketch Fest site improvements: artists pages and uploading polish
  • Have dance routine down - canceled

    I also managed to:

  • Writing: collaborated on Breathing Again with Holly, The Last Walk, Exploder, Lightning Strikes, and The Apple With Kick.
  • Artwork: Bai's endless desk got some progress, and I did some sketches, at least, though none for Sketch Fest. No painting at all.
  • Coding: Torn World got the most improvements, and a new map, but Commission-Control also made some solid progress. Sketch Fest got some perks and earned enough to get a few more before next month! (Doesn't count the piles of freelance coding I did...)
  • Networking: A new facebook page for EMG, and I've started poking at fiction communities.
  • Exercise: 20 situps don't kill me anymore!

    So, October. What shall I do for October?

  • Writing: Finish Meetings (switch characters), City of Lights 3 (outlined!) and the untitled Ressa story I've got a paragraph done on.
  • Artwork: Five sketches of merit, plus anything in color, and finish Bai's desk.
  • Coding: Get Commission-Control to beta. Add shopping filter to FAS. Set up language database for Torn World. Add art viewing page to EMG-Zine. Finished art upload at Sketch Fest.
  • Networking: Make new friends. Keep the old. One is silver, the other gold. I've also started a commentors-only filter here at LJ... if you comment, I'll show you stuff no one else gets to see! There is a story posted to it already. If you want to be on it? Comment - and then KEEP commenting. It's very simple. :)
  • Exercise: Make it to the gym 4 times and up my situps to 24. Dancing twice a week!

    I think that's enough for October... and for this entry. Have a lovely Friday!
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