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Business as Usual

Be sure to Vote for Torn world at Top Web Fiction! We're only two votes from having our banner show!

I am down to three Pathfinders Decks left. I am suspicious that I have a few more somewhere, but I went and ransacked the storage connex and couldn't find any, so it's likely this is it! Most of the other artists on the project have been sold out for months, so this has entered the 'rare and unfindable' stage. They won't be reprinted!

I am $4 in donations away from building a page for artists to upload finished work after Sketch Fest! Purchases of available sketches count as donations, and I give donation credit to both the artist and the buyer for those purchases.

I keep petting my shiny pile of anthologies. They really are gorgeous. A huge thank you to everyone who has boosted the signal on them!

I got a few index page improvements at EMG and became aware that, in general, it's time for a completely new arrangment - the Sketch Fest link makes it too wide and I don't like the css that's there right now in any way. Hmm!

Printing like a printy thing for an order I need to get mailed tomorrow morning.

Art and Authoring

Wrote a scene for a Honey story I'm collaborating with Holly on. It's coming together nicely - still needs some work on the opening scene and a brief closer scene, but the details are pulling together well and I got to use useless trivia!

I also got City of Lights 3 more outlined - still rough and needs flesh badly, but I like the topics I'll be addressing, and I think it starts to put some tension and plotty things nicely into place.

I also doodled a page of completely loose randoms, but those aren't worth scanning, really. I was doing them in ballpoint, no less. I finished a bottle on Bai's desk, and keep putting that piece aside for more interesting things. Muuuust finish.

I got an account at Wattpad and posted the three parts of Paper Butterfly. Not sure yet what I think of the site - there may be too high a noise to content ratio. Anyone else there??

Home and healthy things

Forgot to do situps again yesterday. I am marking this here in my public journal to shame myself into doing them FOR SURE tonight.

We have been watching Bones, streaming through Netflix and are in danger of having to get the discs by mail, as we're nearly through with season 4. I am adoring this show. I don't know anything about the books, and I have RARGH moments like I do with any crime solving show that portrays miraculous image-enhancement and 30-minute 3-D rendering of complex systems in motion (though this one isn't as bad as some...), but I find the characters really, really fascinating. Not flatly likeable, but definitely sympathetic, and very complex.


I got an unexpected freelance job this morning and was able to get the update done for them before lunch - very pleased that I can offer that kind of turnaround. I want to polish up two more client projects tomorrow, and I've got a few end-of-the-month commitments to meet. (Notes to self: EMG-Zine stuff, bills, two contest entries, and a new list)

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