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Fridaily with sha-la-la-la-la!

I got cookies in the mail from my mommy!

I got them while delivering a last-minute-panic-can-you-pleeeease? print to a client at the post office, so I consider myself karmically well served.

I also leveled up in Photoshop, and learned two FABULOUS new tricks: animated .gifs and changing font and color information for multiple layers of text. Going to use that last one especially a lot...

Fixed a DUMB DUMB DUMB error in the Torn World watch feature. It actually works, now!

Am very sore all over, due to trying to sweat the last of my cold out of me at the gym on Wednesday, doing situps and bellydancing last night. I've decided to do just the L2 class through the rest of the year, no performances. Prep class was infringing on my gaming, it was making me cranky not to have weekends, and I'm not that interested in performing anyway.

I have begun to dissect the code necessary for Commission-Control, and it's starting to take some major strides forward, now that I've broken it into bits and know how I'm going to manage some of the various features. It's going, among other things, to have some sweet, sweet contract-management tools. You'll love it! (And it's good to get back into it - I was honestly carrying a lot of mental garbage regarding this site and I think I've let that go!)

Ordered $1000 of ink and paper. Ouch. But that should keep me stocked for a good long while, and I'm printing a big order right now, with another one on the horizon for next week.

I hope you guys all have a super-lovely weekend! Back to the code-mines for me...

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