Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Brief Thursdaily

Got some very nice comments on the last issue of EMG-Zine that totally made my day. :)

Coding away at a long-patient project that I have many great ideas for right now.

And working on a promotion blurb for Torn World. Would this make you want to read??

With winter fast approaching, the snow-unicorn riders of Itadesh return from their summer gathering to find that their home has burned to the ground. They've lost their shelter, members of their families, and valuable supplies. The journey to their kin will take hard weeks of travel, and a harsh winter of shortage and grief is all that seems to wait for them. Will Jrilii's headlong chase of mythical wild snow-unicorns bring them much needed hope, or only disappointment?

Close by, but completely unaware of their existence, explorers from the great southern Empire have suffered tragedy of their own, and are ill-prepared for the winter they are about to face. They struggle to get to the coast by spring, but one of their company is ill, and supplies are stretched thin. What will the inevitable collision with the northerners bring?

Far to the south, an ambitious new construction project, the City of Lights, is being plagued by mysterious disasters and unexplained destruction. Superstitious rumors about angry ghosts and sky demons are beginning to circulate, and scientists struggle to find rational explanations for the events.

In Affamarg, Dini copes with the personal changes he's - she's - making in the name of love, and things heat up as the leader of an underground blackmail ring begins to execute plans to entrap the untouchable regional License Master, with the help of a high-status prostitute. A cablecar operator receives an offer he can't refuse, and a relationship is tested.

Love, betrayal, loss, and intrigue blossom as disparate plots begin to weave together into the fabric that is Torn World. Also, look for more stories from our characters childhood, more world mythology and more resources on history, culture and the technology of the Empire.

(Got within 9 of my wordlimit!)

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