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Fridaily with Autumn Secrets earrings

It is a gorgeous autumn day, and I'm going to have to take a walk with Norway and my camera after lunch, I suspect.

The creative process: http://www.viruscomix.com/page523.html

(I am mired over somewhere in 'overthinking' right now...)

Taking a bit of a break from my coding and writing and art projects, I sat down with craft supplies last night, and made these:

These are probably my favorite of this batch, followed closely by the next. They look a little distressed here, but most of that is in the photo. They do look very much like real leaves, and they are asymmetric, with a double spiral on one and a spiral and dangling key on the other. I'd like $9 for these.

These are my next favorite, and have keys dangling off of teeny chains. $9 for these, too.

These are really striking in person - shiny gold on bright red. $6.50. (reserved)

These are a little messier than I'd like. $3.50.

I like the copper spirals on this one - the key is actually threaded into it. $6.50.

Details for all of them: some have hot-glue, some don't, most are from parts of origin unknown (undoubtedly made in China), no promises about being hypoallergenic, as most of the bits were second or third hand and not all of them had packaging anymore. Some of the metal is a coated craft metal, some of it is uncoated. All of it's been around a little while and hasn't rusted, for whatever that's worth...

The bases are fabric leaves, and the entire earring is amazingly feather-light. I made myself a pair years ago using this basic method and they have lasted incredibly well and get a lot of comments. I made a few and sold them at the fair, and they generally didn't stay in stock for long after I put them out. Shipping is $3 US, no matter how many you order (or, free with any other order!). For international shipping, ask. They'll fit in a little envelope, so it shouldn't be much.

I thought about making a bunch and posting them on Etsy or something, but... I'm honestly not into maintaining a shop and producing enough to make it worth it. Also, photographing little fiddly things is an art I'm not really interested in pursuing - these were more pain to photograph than make, and the photos still don't do them justice. If I sell these, great! If not, oh well! They're fun and pretty and I like them enough to wear them myself if no one else wants them. :P

New at Torn World: Money in the Empire (an article about the very unique currency system the Empire has.)

Also, a reminder that volume 3 of the EMG-Zine Anthology ships next week! Be sure to pre-order yours, perhaps with an awesome sponsorship package. At current sales there will probably not be a volume 4! If you'd like to see this amazing resource continue, please help by spreading the word about it.
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