Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


Business as Usual

Workin' on a webpage, with drafting to follow shortly. I'm still enormously pleased with how this map is shaping up... I want to add some more layers, such as resources (showing mines, major exports, etc.), current geopolitical boundaries, etc. But not today. Or probably tomorrow.

Art and Authoring

Have an art.


Doing my level best to convince myself that I am not lame and do not suck. I am not lame, and do not suck. I am not lame, and do not suck.

The world's failure to recognize my greatness to date is not because it does not exist. I should concentrate on the good stuff, and not the minor annoyances. I would not want the attention I crave if I had it. I am not a fizzle. There is a healthy balance to be sought between striving and satisfaction.

I am not lame, and do not suck.


Hilarious article on freelancing. Strong language. Many truths.

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