Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Nameless words

I couldn't resist this mememe... though it's really more of a youyouyou.
Stolen from millennialhippy

Basically the 'rules' are to say something to eight (it was ten but I'm lazy) people on your friendslist and see if they guess who they are. I think these are pretty obvious, and you'll know who you are. You aren't permitted to feel insulted if you aren't here, these were just the first eight, not the top eight.

1. You are one of only three people on my friendslist that I have actually met. I've never known anyone who could critique stories so completely and squeeze the very best out of them. My writing has improved a hundredfold, thanks almost exclusively to you. Your writing... it's to die for. I'm tempted to buy a subscription to your newspaper just to read your editorials, except that I'm not sure they'd deliver it here.

2. I find it funny that one of the other few people I've met and consider probably my closest friend is also one I admire for thorough critiques. (Hmmm funny, not ha-ha funny) You are a kindred spirit, a hermit like me, and your illustration is so very *exactly* the style I love. I can't wait until you come and work as my flunky for good. I'm always afraid I'm going to lose you for a year again without warning!

3. I must have forgiven you?! I was grateful that you had forgiven me! I felt like I'd dropped the ball terribly on that exchange so long ago. And when we reacquainted, you were using a screenname that I wasn't so very confident I was associating with the correct person (I'm horrible with faces and names and screennames and remembering people...), so I didn't want to mention it. You are a delight, and I'm so glad that wasn't our only interaction. You are an artist and a philosopher much more than so many of the people who toss those terms about.

4. If I say the p-word, I've given away who you are without making it a challenge! Suffice to say you are one of those delightfully evil people whom I will always picture *doing* things, and I think that if you lived up in Alaska with me (and I rather hope someday that you will...) EMG would have seventeen new branches and you would be capably managing all of them. And you sing pretty, too.

5. I'm more intimidated by your hordes of fans than I am by you, but you're impressive enough that I'm not exactly not intimidated by you, either. Your art, your wit, your drive, your passion, your writing, your ideas... there's a lot to be in awe of. And on top of that, you're pleasant and friendly and wonderful and funny. I've learned more about odd animal species from you than I ever expected to know.

6. I'm adding you to this list on a whim, and possibly because I know you the least. Your art... I am enthralled by it. You are probably the 'artiest' of my artist friends, sheer, rich, art-like art, not illustrative, realism-constrained work. That, and you're fascinating and from such a different culture. I say 'glorious color' about your artwork waaay too much.

7. I feel oddly like I don't know you well, just that we know all the same people and work on all the same things... even though we co-wrote (over muuuuch time) an article. I've always been impressed with your organization and leadership skills, and I find you funny and interesting. You're one of the people I wish I knew better; I think we have much in common.

8. Wait! I've met you in real life too! Actually, you're the only person I've got on my friendslist that I knew in real life before I knew you digitally. That first art class we took together could be classified as fate, if one believed in such things. I've always loved and admired your writing - your art, too, but most especially your writing -, and I still owe you a copy of your story. I'm going to be able to point to the TV shows you write for and say 'I know her!' in a few years. And I'll own all of your novels.

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