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I am SO not ready for it to be halfway through the week. I have to go into town to pay land taxes today, and finish some orders, and have spent entirely too long trouble-shooting 'improvements' at EMG-Zine. The latter was partly user error, partly $%&*@ stupid Word characters, but I do think I've actually solved that problem. Hopefully for the long-term. I did not finish the last story I wanted to have done by today. Bah!

The new issue of EMG-Zine is up! And the new webpage design is revealed! Revel in it's awesomeness! http://emg-zine.com

I have a new story up at Torn World! Those of you who've been following my writing for a while may recognize the bones of this from my Elfwood gallery. It was the second-ever Torn World story that I wrote, and has actual, factual PLOT in it. It has been largely re-written. Enjoy! Homecoming

What else?

Oh, I should probably weigh in on the latest LJ kerfuffle. I don't plan to cross-post any comments I make, ever. I may cross-post my OWN entries, I haven't decided. I ask that you not cross-post your comments from any of my LOCKED posts (which are very rare, and usually locked for a reason and REALLY, LJ, what were you thinking when you came up with that?!), but otherwise, don't really care - public is public, and anyone at Facebook/Twitter who doesn't realize I have a livejournal account is seriously not paying attention.

Okay, much to go do now. Dogged Ellen is doggedly doing.
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