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Business as Usual

Book files have been approved, the quote finalized and fully paid, and reasonable media shipping confirmed. It should take about 3 weeks for production, then about 6 weeks for shipping, so we're looking at books on hand just after Halloween. Maybe just before, if the media mail gods are smiling. I'll be opening up pre-orders as soon as I've eyeballed the physical proof (early next week?!). I will have a few 3-volume bundles available, and need to go check the out-of-studio stock. I will NOT be reprinting volume 1 in its current configuration. IF I go to a second printing, the fiction and (expensive!) art gallery will be removed in entirety, the cover will be re-tooled, and the content will be re-arranged and numbered to match the second and third volumes. The original edition of volume 1 becomes a very rare and collectible item, indeed! Just FYI!

Thank you guys so much for weighing in on my questions about minors.

I will be making a waiver option, and I'm curious to see how many people opt for it. I will be strengthening the verbiage on the join form to note that lying about age is fraud. There have been several court cases that have upheld a contract when a minor lies about their age, so I'm not feeling like I have to pursue other methods of verification. And the risk, with Torn World, is relatively low. Worst case? I have to delete a bunch of stories and remove a member, resolving their monetary earnings immediately. Really, that's a risk with any drama llama on the Internet, and Torn World has been remarkably low on drama as a whole.

And, speaking of Torn World, I made HUGE progress on the backend this weekend. I am moving the canon board story reviews from the forum (non-anonymous, hard to track, very limited poll options, has to be processed for the author) to the site (shows changes with strike-throughs and underlines automatically, anonymous, comments (optionally) shown to author immediately, scoring is automated, pre-scoring can be done with resolved comments, sorts material and easily shows things that still need scored...). I think it will be amazingly awesome, and I may even be able to FINISH it today, even though I only started really digging into it yesterday.

Money Stuff

I am donating an expanding box for charity, here:

(It's actually at $29 now, with another bookmark and another sticker added.)

Still looking for work!

I might actually want this or this more than I want this. But they are all stupidly expensive for USB hubs. Especially with $30 shipping to Alaska... I just can't justify it!

Does someone want to buy or trade a barely-used Intuous3? I have one, in great shape, but I just never warmed up to painting digitally. And, it takes up space.

Art and Authoring

I'm working on a piece of art that I owe no one. It's ridiculously complex and stupidly detailed, and involves perspective, straight lines, multiple figures, teeny mechanical things, crumpled paper and it's bigger than I usually work.

I am loving it to pieces.

I've also got some more plotty bits in the queue for the canon board that will start getting things REALLY moving at Torn World, and I'm motivated to work on continuing them. (Though I'm more invested in finishing the review process today...)

As full as my drawing board is with projects, I've been thinking about new ones, too. Stupid brain. (I love you, brain!)

Other stuff

I got another load of stuff emptied out of the studio this weekend. My workspace continues to improve.

Velcro is snoring across the studio from me. It sounds almost like a harmonica. How can such a little cat produce so much noise?

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