Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


Good morning, loyal readers! I hope you had a lovely weekend!

I have started some pretty massive cleaning projects this morning - already I have found the surface of my desk! Horrah! And the Roomba is on it's merry way - I am considering painting the floor today, since the husband will be out tonight and it's a rare traffic-free time. The poor dog might have to sleep outside tonight. Laundry, now, and then I have a database project to do, and much mailing. Hope! I need your mailing address! Or verify that the one I have is good! N and T, your art goes out today, sorry for the delay!

Muse Fusion is tomorrow! If you enjoyed Sketch Fest, consider bringing a prompt or two by for a Torn World specific creative jam. I plan to do writing - I can feel the stories bubbling up inside, and I think it's been since the LAST Muse Fusion that I was able to do any writing.

And, a link to coolest crowdfunded project I have seen yet: http://plunderpuss.net/zoo/

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