Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


Quoth the Ellen: Bluuuuurgh.

A reminder that our 'raven' themed issue of EMG-Zine is collecting work through Sunday! Please send us your stories, poetry and artwork! http://emg-zine.com/guidelines.php

I'm putting together the 'roses' issue now - I'm short two columns and have no fiction, but we do have two awesomely useful features and lots of poetry. The artwork for this issue is gorgeous. I'm not dis-satisfied.

The canon board at Torn World has trembled before my nagging and I posted new artwork to the site, plus I have several articles approved to post next week and some of the other stories and characters are creeping towards completion. Thank you, canon board!

The Fantasy Art Shop crawls forward! I've made contact with a couple of key artists who hadn't accepted the new terms yet and badgered them into doing so. Behold, the power of the nag...

Someday, I will write about my secret loathing of nagging.

What? It's not a secret? Oh.

Muuuust finish with EMG-Zine now. Last laggy little bits - just need to choose menu colors and a background (this is haaaard) and write the news and intro.
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