Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


I need to get motivated for my day - much to do and very little time before the end of the month. Have some art:

To Do Today:

  • Bills
  • Add Artfire to the FAS submissions
  • TW anthology form (hah! Figured out how to do it!)
  • Finish drafting project - just a little bit left!
  • Meet M. for movie at 5.
  • Dance rehearsal at 8.
  • Collapse.

    I'll share some of the work I did at life drawing on Tuesday tomorrow.

    I have been arting and plotting and writing - I got an article on the mechanics and such for submitting fiction to TW finished yesterday and posted for review, and oh, the plot bunnies are nibbling my ears. Wish I had more time for writing - so many juicy ideas! Must wedge it in there somehow. I'll have a little more time after Sunday... Just a little.
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