Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


  • I blame my incredibly (and otherwise fairly irrational) good mood on the fact that I slept like a LOG last night. Serious unconsciousness. Very nice.

  • Did I mention that artist submissions are open? This includes new artists - and there is no longer a hardcopy contract required! Amazing, but true! (Note the sneaky link to the new site that has NOT been officially released yet...)

  • Spilled has been published at Torn World! This is the story I was all victory about on Tuesday. Comments are welcome (really, really welcome!) here, though if you log in and comment there, you'll earn 5 karma immediately. :)

  • Had to write a difficult email on behalf of a client. Shaking my head over... things. I'm not getting paid enough for this job. Let's hope it pays off karmawise.

  • Is it lunchtime already? *boggles*
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