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My alarm clock failed to go again this morning. I triple-checked that it was set right this morning, too. Back to the factory with you, you stupid Monday-hating piece of electronic junk.

(I'm particularly bothered because with an alarm clock this fancy, dammit, I shouldn't have to pay shipping to get it fixed. Not impressed, Verilux.)

I had an enormously creative weekend. I'm still not sure why I scheduled the Sketch Fest and Muse Fusion for the same weekend, but it did basically work out. The Sketch Fest was a smashing success, if not personally, as a whole, and I did manage seven sketches that I don't entirely hate. I sketched from noon Friday sporadically through until bedtime about 10 PM, then slept an unexpectedly sound 12 hours straight and woke up for the last hour of the event, which closed at noon on Saturday.

You can see ALL the results - all 143 of them!! - here: http://ellenmilliongraphics.com/sketchfest/sketchfestwall.php?date=2

The rest of Saturday, Jake and I worked on the basement. We got our radon remediation tube all put together.

Sunday, I woke up early and opened Muse Fusion, which is the Torn World creative jam that Sketch Fest spawned from.

I started one story, based on my own prompt, because no one else had started yet, then put it aside when we started getting other prompts:

New prompter ladyqkat asked whether beggars needed to be licensed, so I wrote "Pretend," 1000 words, which explores the crippled underground a bit. It is available for sponsorship: $10.

kittrel wanted to know more about pest control on farms, and wyld_dandelyon suggested an invasive species wreaking havoc, so those prompts naturally combined towards "Invasive," a 1900 word story about young Ressa making choices about her life against the backdrop of an infestation at her farm. It is available for sponsorship! $19.

minor_architect seconded my desire to see more about Orimala, asking for a story that showed her rivalry with the sopranos, or a portrait. I did a little of both:

I am crowdfunding this one! It has already been sponsored so that these three figures will be in ink. Another $10 will add a basic background. Additional sponsorships will add the targets of that tongue (those soprano students!), more detailed background elements, more figures, color, etc. Anyone who sponsors $10 or more will receive a print of the final piece. The highest sponsor will receive the original! Add $1, or change your shopping cart quantity to donate more to this.

And I ended my evening by tackling kelkyag's request to see someone dealing with Other-caused damage. This turned out very, very gruesome - the most violent and disturbing thing I've ever written, Mercy: None, which is part 3 of a trilogy. (The second part is still unwritten!) It will be free, but behind an adult filter at the site when we get there in the timeline.

wyld_dandelyon and I were the only creative folks participating this round, but we got some awesome prompts from new prompters (welcome!), and produced a solid chunk of work between us. Everyone who prompted got something, which is one of my major goals, and I got a hearty word count of 4300. Plus a sketch!

During breaks while working on all of that, Jake and I got half the pipe buried and half the basement graded. Dusty, nasty work. Then we took a several-mile hike with the dog, and also made an AMAZING dinner. I love my pizza stone. I think my sourdough was unwell when I made the pizza last week, because a simple yeast dough turned out fantastic. We wrapped it around leftovers to make sort of customized seafood and chicken calzones, and they were fantastic. (And huge - I have half leftover for lunch today!)

Today, I have some work cut out for me, and much mailing to do.

Sally forth!

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