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A Day in the Life of Ellen's Brain

Web entry progress: 37/164
Stress level: high
Calories: not enough
Caffeine: sadly lacking
Writing: none so far today. Or yesterday. Or the day before.
Art: none so far today. Or yesterday. (Still basking in warm afterglow of v. art satisfying Saturday)
EMG accomplishments: several emails written, see web entry progress
Work: Outlook grueling

I live for my Thursday off...


Update: work tweren't so bad, really. Lots of graphicsy Photoshopsy stuff, which is more fun than boring line rearrangement in AutoCAD.

I still live for Thursday. Friday should be fun, too, actually, because all the bosses will be out (except Jim, who's too cool to be lumped in with the rest of the bosses), and there's already talk of pizza and music.


Salvaged another gross painting from my long-past painting class that I intend to paint over. I'll take a little grainy picture of it, but it was a still life, and not that hot, and when I was pricing stretched canvases at Ben Franklins and Michaels, a very cheap canvas in this size (2 feet x 3 feet, I think) was nearly fifty bucks. I stretched these myself, and they are faaaar superior in quality, without staples on the edges, with reinforced corners, and very sturdy. The subject included a candle-holder, black velvet mask and a knife, which isn't the most appalling of still-lives, but it's still a still-life, and I had a pretty... hazy... sense of color and composition, so it's not a keeper- picture. Dad objected when I told him I was painting over it, said he'd sort of liked it, but I told him how much they wanted for commercial canvases and he agreed that it probably wasn't a $50 painting.

I should paint them something to replace all the paintings I've grabbed back this week. :P

They made me promise not to steal the painting hanging in the livingroom, since we all agree that one's the best of the bunch and they want to keep it. (Simple skyscape... pretty, in a very understated, squishy kind of way)

Hopefully if I get a bunch of paintings done now, they'll be dry in time to sell at the fair. That's one of the bummers about oils... they take for-freaking-ever to dry. I want to paint some ordinary mountainscape type thingies... the market for Alaskana art around here is about as stable as an art market gets, and I've been remiss in not milking it.

I really, really, really, really want to paint a better version of Northern Lights. Really. With swirly, realistic looking lights and cool snowy mountains and a dragon that looks more 3-d.

And I want to do a Snow-unicorn tarot deck, talk about foolish, time-consuming projects that I won't even attempt until I get my tablet...

Oh! And bookplates! That's a project I want to do for the fair. And ornaments! (I'll have to take a picture of one...)

And some new bookmarks to replace the ones I offer now.

And color versions of my dragon cards.

And some illustrations for the Resla stories I can't seem to get *written*.

I want to write some more Torn World stories and put out a little collection.

I want to write more Jenny-Bjorn stories.

I want-want-want-want-want to have more art-writing time.

There are days I resent my business and feel that I do nothing with my so-called freetime but market other ungrateful people. Then I realize that I wouldn't have *any* art income without those beautiful artists and that every labor I've invested into EMG is an intelligent move in a safe, smart direction and then I get all guilty for resenting the work I do on it, and for not working harder for those poor trusting artists and being all selfish and me-me-me and... *throws hands in the air* I can't win against me. I know that. Bah.

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