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Project Statuses

In order of current importance:

EMG-Zine - security fixes. Most of these are done, but I want to inspect a few minor pages for further flaws and continue to delete the prior-to-this-version webpages that are still lingering on the server. (They don't attach to any databases, but they do clutter things up.) The next step are major menu/page build changes, but... that might come later.

Portrait Adoption - security fixes. The major ones are made, but again, just want to make sure that I haven't left any holes, page by laborious page.

Fantasy Art Shop - Plan to get back to this and finish it next week! The artist end of things is pretty much together.

Commission-Control - security fixes first, then I finally figured out how to structure everything. Building the Sketch Fest site gave me a bunch of ideas here, and honestly, I don't think that it will take much time after that. I might even finish this next week, too, depending on other workload.

Personal Pages - Need to double-check the existing packages for security flaws, but they don't insert into the database, so there shouldn't be problems. Then, I need to write up the public information for them and put them out for sale.

And because that's not enough, I've got the seeds of another project boiling away in my brain...

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