Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Woot, woot! Wednesdaily.

Someone reading quickly through my journal might suspect I was bi-polar. They might be a little right...

I'm definitely feeling like I'm coping better with the whole hacker thing and bouncing back. It's taken me about a week, but the violation of it is wearing off, and I can reassure myself that I've done my best, the holes are plugged and I'm successfully locking the site up tighter and tighter as I go along.

The Sketch Fest site is coming along smashingly. This would have taken me weeks and weeks just a year ago. Now? A few days, and it's 100 billionty times safer and more elegant. Still as plain as dirt. (Seriously - way, way plain.) But, I have progressed progressively!

Let me know if you're available for beta-testing!

Lunch and a Farscape now! Then drafting. After a walk.

Then, an invoice to send, a print to mail, a sneak order to process, a box to tape up, and pizza to make on my new baking stone, with my re-animated sourdough. :)

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