Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Happy 4th of July!

Enjoy your fireworks, you people who have actual night at this time of year. We save ours for New Years, because it doesn't really get dark enough right now to appreciate fireworks. Friday night, a guy stumbling out of (establishment removed to protect the innocent) asked in astonishment - 'it's not really midnight, is it?' It was 12:15, just past midnight, and it was a valid question if you were new to town, had had a few drinks and looked up at the sky - there were some scattered clouds, and it was as bright as you might expect in the middle of a day that wasn't clear. Someone more experienced would have observed that there were sunset/sunrise-y colors in the clouds.

Anyway, no fireworks, but we're listening to our Sousa channel on Pandora and getting ready to do some house construction work.

I have finished importing my entire old art site! Horrah! I still have found that I am missing a few dozen pieces of artwork that have been published at various other galleries (Elfwood, Deviantart), and all of my Torn World and fanwork still needs to be posted, and there are a whopping ten articles at EMG-Zine that never made it to my site, but... it's a site already more complete than my old one was, now.

I'm not sure if I'm impressed by amount of work I've produced, or scared by it.

Now, breakfast!

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