Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


Today's sketch is just a rough doodle - Denel and her two boys (from Torn World). Much work to do on this one, still. Debating a background. Child anatomy is challenging.

Mostly, I've been a-coding. The Fantasy Art Shop is beginning to come together nicely - I'm working on editing tools for artists at the moment, and pleased with the progress. At the moment, I'm feeling a little clever. Just a little. This is a good stopping point for a food and quick blogging break. Then I've got drafting to do.

This weekend is more radon construction, and then a trip to Petersburg next week.

Velcro has outdone herself in absolute grossness...

So, she threw up her dinner and left a turd on the floor - not entirely out of character. She eats something out of my studio, gets constipated, strains so hard she throws up. I help this with regular mineral oil in her food, but it's tough to know how much to give her, because she doesn't always dine on plastic strips and rubber bands, and if you give her too much, she leaks.

Anyway, I cleaned it up and threw the papertowels in my studio trash (as opposed to the covered trash downstairs).

The next day, she decided it smelled like food, dug the papertowel out of the trash and re-ate her regurgitated kibbles.

And now she wants to snuggle.


I've decided I don't want my personal webpage to be professional. It's going to have fanart and fun stuff and silly poems, darn it. I am not using it as a portfolio, so I'm going to add the things I like to it. Because I can. So there. (It's coming along - nearly 300 pieces of artwork up, and though there are some holes, I've moved to the writing end of thing now.)

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