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I didn't get the above picture inked like I wanted to, but it's something, and the way the past few days have gone, I feel pretty fortunate to have anything to show.

Speaking of, there is a new issue of EMG-Zine up! http://emg-zine.com

And today is the last day to submit Rose-themed artwork and fiction!

I'm finding that there are a few things I feel very awkward talking (writing) about, because I have so much emotional gobbly-gook wrapped up in them. Like the transition of the Fantasy Art Shop, because it's such a massive change, and there are so many (largely irrational) thoughts about failure and anger and betrayal and frustration swirled up in the whole thing. It's been really, really hard for me to sort all that out to where it needs to be, and see the successes and rewards I've gotten along the way, even though they are there.

I'll need to fully hash through that at some point, and come to grips with all the negative baggage I'm hauling around. But for now, I am powering through and still going... here's the blurb I'm working on for the new Terms of Agreement.

Welcome to a new era at Ellen Million Graphics!

Ellen Million Graphics is no longer licensing artwork. When I first started EMG, there was no other place for fantasy artists to get their artwork applied to awesome products. Now, 17 years later, there are dozens of choices, and the thrill of making products has worn off for me. It has become easier and more affordable for artists to make their own products, and my interest is in putting the power and profit into your hands.

The problem of getting your name and product out there remains a hurdle for fantasy artists. Enter the Fantasy Art Shop! A one-stop resource for finding gorgeous artwork on available products, this shop allows filtered browsing. Someone wants to find dragon artwork available at Zazzle? They can find it here, make a single order from many artists with low shipping, and leave happy. Someone wants to buy fairy prints directly from artists? They can find them here! Whether you're set up to produce your own products or using an on-line service, you can put your products into customers' hands, at a site they already know for shopping excellence and trust for great selection.

Artists - I will need some beta testers today. If you have a spare few minutes (the new submissions system is very fast, too) and have artwork to submit, please let me know!
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