Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Wednesdaily with woes

I'm done setting up EMG-Zine to release tomorrow, horrah! (Well, except for one article that may or may not get in on time...)

I am rather stumped on some coding that would get the Fantasy Art Shop finished. I wanted to make that happen tomorrow. I am doing other stuff that also needs to be done while I wait to hear back from higher (smarter) powers.

I also had the fun and excitement of dealing with (another) sql injection attack at Torn World that started to drag down one of the servers at dreamhost. Why Torn World? What did it ever do to you people?! It has been fixed, and I've got code in place to keep it from happening again. A purely outside attack, this time. It couldn't get into the database, but it could hammer on the door annoyingly enough that they temporarily disabled my database while I got it under control. Now, if they try that again, the page errors out on them before it even knows there's a database to annoy. I will be adding this to all future pages and editing old ones to add it, too. It will be standard on all webpages I build. Take that, you evil hacker bastards.

I hate having to learn this stuff. The learning is interesting. The having to learn it on the fly to keep things nutted and bolted together? Not real keen on that.

I feel significantly better in the back than I did yesterday, but am still decidedly not up to snuff. Stress is not helping!

I've been working on terms of agreement for the new Fantasy Art Shop, and it's an interesting thought experiment, actually. What sorts of things are important to put into a contract?

The first thing I did was make a list. What are my priorities?

I need to be legal.
I need to be moral.
I need to clearly define the expectations.
I need to protect my customers.
I need to protect my artists.
I need to protect myself against the Internet changing in ways I can't foresee.
And, I need to protect my reputation.

That's what this contract needs to do. Now... how to do it is the interesting part.

(If you'd like, I can elaborate further and turn this process into a full-blown article! Just comment and let me know you'd like to see it.)

Now, more coding - no rest for the wicked. Not with this to-do list...

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