Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Tuesdaily, reeling

  • Today's photo is from one of last week's walks - a funny little birch tree that rotted from the inside and has sagged over in place.

  • It's been long enough since I last printed that I had to do a power-clean on my printer. I always envision a drain sucking down dollar bills when I do that...

  • Proofs for the coloring book are in! And they look incredible! I found one error and will be replacing a page, but in the meantime, horrah for ka-blam! If I can finish wrangling the *&$^% webpage today, I should be able to open pre-order.

  • I got a massage this morning and she found many, many knots and was not easy on them. I am in considerable pain, as if I've been run through a laundry-squeezer, but my headache is gone, and I move more easily. I have another scheduled for next week - then we're at the end of insurance year and I will go back to being frugal about them.

  • If I thought my TV shows were incestuous before, that was only because I had not watched Dollhouse yet... hello BattleBuf AngelGate! Entertaining. Sierra's face mesmerizes me - she's gorgeous, but... sort of different, somehow. An intriguing show.

  • Rough night of sleep. Odd dreams. The dog started whining in his sleep, which was alarming.

  • Gathering all the balls I'm juggling and getting caught up on many, many things. It feels like slogging through molasses, but I think I'm making real progress.
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