Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


  • Today's picture is where Jake is right now. Okay, not RIGHT now - he had to land in Anchorage to send that to me. Next stop? Nome. (Yes, they are opposite directions from here, but Anchorage is the hub.)

  • I need to figure out why my alarm clock isn't going off on Mondays. Every other day of the week, it's fine, but it's not activating on Monday. I wonder if they forgot to program in a leap year or something... ETA: Verilux's customer service says I need to send it back for service. Le sigh.

  • Did I mention how much fun the Sketch Fest was? I painted!

  • I got us upgraded to first class for our Petersburg trip. Yahoo! I am bringing paints with me.

  • Happy solstice!

  • Today's goals: Get the fantasy art shop up... Yeah. I said it. Now I gotta do it...
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