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Sketch Fest personal wrap-up

The official wrap-up is here: http://community.livejournal.com/emglivejournal/4527.html, with discussion about future webpage features and what went right. To see a wall of all completed artwork, go here: http://hotlink.ellenmilliongraphics.com/sketchfest/sketchfestwall.php

More than 100 pieces, total, of which I did 8! And I like them.

This one I will definitely finish in ink. It was based on starrydance's prompt 'The Unicorn Dance,' and was influenced by wyld_dandelyon's story Wild Snowy Chase. (Though I don't think it works as an official illustration because I took liberties with the setting. Maybe, I'll have to re-read it...) I took the full hour, and have already put another hour into refining the pencils. I expect another hour of refinement, and 4-5 hours of inking.

This was also the last page in my sketchbook, and, horrifyingly, I didn't have a blank one on deck. I found a 4x6 pad of arches hotpress to continue the Sketch Fest with.

So, feeling bold (and inspired by marrael's watercolors of last Sketch Fest), I pulled out my new watercolor paints and good brushes:

It is AMAZING what a difference good paints and brushes makes. I mean... wow. Seriously, wow. I cannot recommend the DaVinci paints enough, and these brushes make all of my other brushes look like the piece of junk you get in a $0.99 Crayola paint kit. I noodled around on this one for about 50 minutes. It's available for sale, $15 includes shipping anywhere, or trade. The prompt here was Sun Queen (elf) from kireivp.

Once I was rolling with the watercolors, I kept going for another piece. (The red tube, in particular, had gotten a little squashed in transit, and managed to disgorge an inch of color before I could get it capped off again.) The prompt here was 'Unexpected Gravity,' by ankewehner. It didn't really end up being fantasy, but very sad and evocative. This piece has been claimed for a trade - I'm going to clean it up just a tad before I send it out.

Then, I went out for dinner with Jake. I didn't set any goals this time around, and I wasn't going to feel too bad about doing just 3 pieces. I had already done non-standard media, so that was a plus.

But, I came back with energy, and knocked out several more:

A light sketch for melissad's prompt "Dream Crown." $5 or trade!

For draken_art's prompt "Flying Monkey." $10 or trade!

faeriemajikk's prompt was "Magic Healing" and redokapi's prompt "Cloak of Feathers." $10 or trade.

ankewehner prompted "a crafter or artist at work." This was actually also prompted by wyld_dandelyon's story "We Shape Our Lives Like Clay." The perspective is not as strong as I wanted. Trade available.

psycho_gryph prompted "Fox Fire." I used a brush pen for this one. I think this would make a neat logo if cleaned up. Available for trade.

And I claimed one last prompt Saturday morning, "Sun-raven and Moon-owl" by marina. I didn't finish it before noon, but still wanted to capture the idea it gave me:

(Not available!)

In all, a wonderful time.

Chalking this morning was rained out, but I still have to show up as if I was going to dance, even though I probably won't because the stage is all wet.

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