Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Muse Fusion progress

SIX stories and a poem! A real, honest-to-god poem that I don't hate!

I'll post it here, if I don't hate it again tomorrow.

My wrap-up, before I shower and run to bellydance:

A few miles of walking in the woods and Valdary's picture of the same name sparked "The Question," a story that spans three scenes at three very different times, back to the first beads that were worn on necklaces (I broke my own rules about trying to stay in the now of the timeline... :P). It's 1350 words, and available for sponsorship for $10.

Just a little shy of 2000 words and prompted by kelkyag's desire to see Amaroin again, Paper Butterflies: Proof is part 3, and the exciting conclusion of the series!

From kelkyag's wish to see Araida and haunted_blood's prompt, I got Red Wedding - the story of Araida and Jakal meeting as teenagers. I manage to mention Nleimen, as well, though not by name. It's a little silly and a little gory. 950 words. Sponsorship is $10.

From marina's prompt about working dogs, I got what I am tentatively titling 'Breeding,' though that may change. Malaamig is shopping for a puppy, and gets more than he was looking for... just under 1000 words, $10 to sponsor.

kelkyag also wanted to see Laisesu. Laisesu had a story to tell. It is tentatively titled 'Dying to Do' and overlaps Wild Snowy Chase pt 1 by a little bit. Jrilii shows up briefly, as does Marival and Areluu's father, Amariin. 750 words, haven't made up my mind about sponsorship... :P

And then, having done a prompt from everyone who participated, I wrote the first part of Mercy, leftover from the Fusion before last, coming in at another 750 words.

So, 6800 words, six complete stories, and a 17-line poem! Yay!

Eek, must run...

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