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Ellen Million


Photo of Ellen chalk-painting.

  • Liz, Jennie and I went chalk-painting on Saturday for several hours before we got rained out. I was wickedly sore on Sunday, and when I went in to get a massage today, she found many nasty knots and warned against leaning too much on my left arm while chalking. I am in fear of chalking next weekend, as that will be a 10-12 hour marathon, and this was barely 3. I am Out Of Shape. Also, I have to dance in the middle of the afternoon. Merp? I am scheduling a massage for next Tuesday, for sure.

  • I am tackling the first of the Torn World reader improvements now - the poll was a dead heat, so I picked the one I could do quickest... and I'm 1/3 of the way through now.

  • Torn World Muse Fusion is tomorrow! Watch the LJ community and bring prompts and ideas. :)

  • The third EMG Sketch Fest is this Fri-Sat, noon to noon Alaska time. Join us as an artist, or just bring prompts! I got a few more donations towards the site, and I'm going to try to get bit of coding finished on it before the event.

  • I bought Velcro a taller cat-tower for clawing. She seems lukewarm to mildly interested in it - not OMG, new best friend! like she was with the little tower. Hrm.

  • Client webwork to do now, lunch, and a shower. Lots of water to drink, after my ouchy massage, and some stretching throughout the day.
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