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Ellen in tie-dye, standing in front of roses in the forest...

  • Our forest smells like a perfumery. The wild roses LOVE the dry start to our summer, and are out in riotous joy. The cranberries and raspberries are also blossoming in encouraging numbers. The above photo was several days ago, out on our trails. For those of you who are new(ish) to my blog, I live on 36 acres of land next to a 315 acre greenbelt that is criss-crossed with trails like this. Parts of it are protected mosquito breeding ground through the swamp, but the parts closest to us are upland birch forest, like this. Right now, roses, bluebells, cranberries, dwarf dogwood and labrador tea are blooming. Because it's been dry, hornets are out (though not like they were earlier!) and mosquitos are only a nuisance, it's not an insane-making slap-fest.

  • Speaking of insane-making, I coded most of yesterday, on a lilypad project that has had me tied into logic-knots for most of a month now. I think I finally got my brain wrapped around how to make it work, and built the user-end framework for the administration. I need to finish the execution of the page, then copy and simplify the page for user use. It led, among other things, to some Internet searches for current art galleries. Several things I used to link to (Yerf, Art Agent, ArtVark) appear to be completely dead. What galleries and communities do you currently use? I've added CGSociety and still need to add Facebook and Twitter. I'm thinking of making a generic 'blog' link that will point to whatever blog (LJ, blogspot, wordpress, whatever) you have active, rather than code them individually.

  • New contest posted at Torn World! The poll for reader coding requests is at a tie, please vote, if you haven't!

  • Holy mackeral, an RTH story just grabbed me by the throat while I was in the shower this morning. Might have time to jot it down today, but I have a bunch of drafting to work on... I may have to be happy with just a few notes on it and hope the muse doesn't storm off in a huff.

  • Nephew ferrying this morning, drafting now, and brrr... it's sunny, but I'm cold. My abs still ache like crazy from class (and death march) on Tuesday.
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    Jun. 10th, 2010 07:10 pm (UTC)
    Parts of it are protected mosquito breeding ground through the swamp

    *snorfls* Hey, we have one of those kinds of wildlife preserves, too!

    I'm in Anchorage house-sitting right now, but I was sad to leave just as the roses and other early flowers around our place were hitting full swing. It's really a beautiful time of year.
    Jun. 10th, 2010 07:45 pm (UTC)
    Artspots is a nice gallery and sort of the yerf replacement!
    Jun. 11th, 2010 01:29 am (UTC)
    Jenny again (I wrote down my password, but it is a pain to type in)
    *heehe* Artvark... Art places? Usually I use PA and DA. I remember the days when I was on Elfwood every day, man how things have changed.

    Hey, I hope I submited art the right way to Torn World. I put you as patron to the one of Kativa, but then, once I had posted it, I wasn't sure.

    I also hope that my framing article (both parts) got to Jennifer okay. Does she send an "I got it" e-mail?

    Gonna work on the rose artcle this weekend, have to get my stuff set up for scanning every step. I haven't painted in over a year now.
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