Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


  • Another birthday retreat photo for you. Summer days in Alaska are often like this - gorgeous, clear blue skies and very hot until early afternoon, when these start to gather. Then, there are scattered (very scattered) thundershowers, and the evening usually clears up to be comfortably cool and sunny again. Sometimes, there's hail.

  • I have imported 150-odd pieces of artwork from my old site to my new one. Still have about 100 to go. Maybe more. It's a hoot going back that far. Also, the system I've set up is pretty sweet, and it goes very fast. I was able to do 100 in just a few hours yesterday, so I may finish the artwork end of things today. That just leaves fiction and non-fiction, everything else is done.

  • I am a terrible-bad friend, and doing social things is hard. *makes myself anyway*

  • If you are in the market for a fabulous, easy-to-update, interactive webpage, please let me know - I have space for one more beta site under the new system I'm developing. You get it at a special rate and get free upgrades until I'm finished and release everything publicly... believe me when I say this is a sweet deal and you will LOVE it.

  • Only one piece left in the Fantastic Portfolios queue!

  • Tackling some lilypad things next...

  • After lunch...
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