Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


  • A self-reminder about relaxing, above. (From my birthday retreat. :P)

  • I've been something of an emotional basketcase lately. Happy. Sad. Happy. Sad. Oh, yay... my still-low weight means I'm sugar sensitive.

  • Summoned for jury duty - by both state and the feds, actually, but feds get precedence... so I'm on call for three months! Yeesh.

  • My mouse wheel stopped scrolling in one direction - new batteries and a complete dismantle and reassembly didn't fix it, so I'll have to go buy another one. I've stolen Jake's for the meantime - we'll see if he notices.

  • Poll up at Torn World - figuring out what readers-end feature to tackle first. Go vote, if you're following Torn World. :)

  • My TV shows are getting... incestuous. Darla shows up on Roswell. Claire from Lost shows up on Roswell! Firefly and Farscape got sucked right into StarGate. And now Zoe from Firefly is on Angel? It's all very weird.

  • Working, working, working...
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