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In classic demonstration of "Never say anything on the Internet that you don't want getting back to the last person you want to see it," the artist of the book I discussed last post found my post and commented. Naturally he had something to say about judging books by their covers. To be fair, I'm going as much by the thoughtless description at Amazon as I am the cover. No flaming! We've all got opinions and impolite body parts, and this is the former, not the latter. (Also, his comments were screened because they were posted anonymously, so don't judge him by the fact that he commented three times.)

In better news, Story Rites is posted at Torn World! It is rated spicy for graphic depiction of dead bodies, so it's only available to registered readers. This is a great time to register! July marks 6 months of being open, and I'm going to hand out a few random prizes to both supporters and free registered members at that time, just to celebrate.

This is the illustration I did for it:

Now that I've gotten over my "Oh god oh god no more pine needles ever" reaction, I quite like it.

In other Torn World news, I'm plotting the next contest!

In non-Torn World news, I've made progress on the lilypad backend aimed towards release of the new Fantasy Art Shop, and I lined up a new client for the beta project. I hope to spend a few hours today on coding for both items. I have some drafting projects on my desk, too - they take priority because they pay da bills.

My studio is gradually getting neater and neater - I'm trying to reorganize an area every day, and the progress is recognizable. I'm waffling over what to do with my Genesis paints - I have a REALLY nice, basically unused set. The hoarder in me doesn't want to get rid of them. The rest of me wants to give them away. The miser in me wants to sell them. Hmm.

In completely non-business news, I caught the cat SCRATCHING MY CHAIR yesterday, and she's been in hot water (and knows it) ever since. My beautiful, wonderful new chair! *weeps* The damage isn't super obvious YET, but it's clear she's done this before, and the fabric is starting to shred. I think it's because the carpet cylinder I got her (which she loves) is too short to stretch up onto like she can with the chair. I am debating buying her a taller one. Or just making mittens out of her.

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