Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

*looks defiant*

I was bad this weekend. I only have a zillion EMG things to do, and I screwed off all weekend.

I've discovered a nifty new EMG-possible project that is super-cool, cheap and easy to make, unlike most of my darn projects, and instead of working on contracts and emails and the new database, I played with the new toy and made stickers today. They're sweeeet... and they aren't half the pain in the butt that magnets are!

Yesterday, I got up early, and got my easel and paints from Mom and Dad's. I've got a whole first floor that isn't doing anything, with plywood floors, good ventilation, and (after much climbing up and down and adjustment) decent lighting. So I set up a painting area for myself, and gave in to some of the art urges I've been suffering.

I painted two likely-unsaleable swirlies in oilpaints, just for fun, because I like them. I also pulled a huge old painting out of my parents basement that I did in a painting class eons ago that... well, sucked. But it had a salavagable idea, and besides, it was a 3' x 4' hand-stretched canvas, and at the worst, I'd paint over the thing entirely.

I can't say I'm awfully impressed with the quality of these pictures, but hey, they do the job, and camera in my Palm must be the size of a pea to fit in there with all the rest of the cool stuff that I actually got the Palm for, so I really don't see that I have anything to gripe about because the pictures are a little grainy and off-color. By the time I have a need for a really impressive digital camera, technology will have changed again, anyway.

Before and after pictures of the big painting. It's 3 feet by 4 feet, and I looooove working that large. Fun stuff:

The angel sketch I mentioned a while ago.

Karen's RP character:

Some in-progress sketches of... well, a sketch.

Kaz spoilers!!


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