Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Oh my god, it's June.

Is it, really? How can it be?! I'm not ready for June. I'm not ready for May... and it's already passed!

Let's review... of my list of doom, I managed to cross off about half. I rocked the coloring books, made massive backend improvements at the lilypad, successfully merged the databases, fixed a dozen various bugs, upgraded servers at several sites, redesigned portrait adoption, staggered under hacker attacks twice, did about 40 hours worth of drafting and programming (not enough), finished programming (but not updating) my own new site, wrote four or five stories, painted a little, and completed one intense ink piece, as well as a dozen or so sketches, the hosting of a Sketch Fest and a Muse Fusion, and a brief walkthrough of Storybook for today's issue of EMG-Zine.

I didn't get the anthology done. I didn't get the fantasy art shop back up. I didn't get Fantastic Portfolios or EMG-Zine integrated to the lilypad. I didn't get Commission-Control up to beta (totally stalled out on a logic loop and haven't untangled myself yet...). I didn't get the plotty Torn World stuff done that I wanted to. My inbox is at 120.

Things I didn't really plan on: Surgery took way, way more out of me than I thought it would. Discovering radon in our house led to a new house project. Hackers ($%&*##!).

June means sun, though, and that means energy. I'm catching up by teeth and toenails, and I'm feeling creative again. I'll have a story with illustration up on Friday, and was featured last week in Ergofiction.

Drafting now, then lunch.

I'm going to bellydance class tonight for the first time in 6 weeks or more. I'm... scared.

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