Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


I may be absent most of the upcoming week. Tomorrow is Jake's birthday and mine is the day after - he's got the rest of the week off from work and Monday is Memorial Day. We'll probably be working feverishly on the basement (yay, radon...), but may also zip out for an overnight. Either way, I won't be around the Internet much.

I am crossing my fingers that EMG-Zine will go up on schedule - Jen is having a baby (squee!) about this time, and I'll be doing all the leftover work and trying to make sure she isn't stressing herself unnecessarily.

I'm also convincing myself that I'm really okay with not getting the fantasy art shop back online by June 1. My list of doom has been seriously dented, but not conquered. The surgery took a lot more out of me than I expected (a LOT more), and I want it done right more than I just want it done. It's going to be awesome, and worth the extra wait. You'll see.

Much thinking is going on in my brain regarding new tax things (the 1099-K makes me livid), long-term plans, infastructure and my studio layout. I think I'd like to rearrange a bit so that my work space is near the best window in here, instead of tucked into the darkest corner.

Workstuff now. Drafting and, if time, some coding (which is more fun!).

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