Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

2nd Sketch Fest - personal wrap-up

This was huge! I have several ideas for both the website and the next time we do this, but as a whole, I'm very satisfied with the event.

I did 9 pieces (aiming for 12), only one of which is appropriate for Portrait Adoption (aiming for 8). I did do one in charcoal, which meets my 'new media' goal. I didn't do as well as I wanted, and I'm not entirely satisfied with any of the pieces, but I had a blast, and learned, and did stuff I wouldn't normally, so as a whole, thumbs up to me.

Probably the most fun, the prompt was bellydancing squirrel, prompted by draken_art!

Maybe my favorite. The prompt was Daddy-lion in dandelions, by an anonymous poster.

mirre left the prompt: The Winter Hunter, and I loved the excuse to sketch fur. A PA piece - I think I will refine it a little more.

Xechon left the prompt: spaghettification. It was too weird to pass up.

selinafenech used a prompt generator to come up with complex descriptions. This one was: A female demon with many piercings and bearing crystals is accompanied by spiders. The setting is under the night sky and she leans on a tangle of thorns. I like the thorn throne and may finish this one. It's ACEO sized.

The idea was a Mermaid being saved by lifesaver candy, prompted by an anonymous poster.

I really wanted to use media I'm not comfortable with, so I broke out the charcoal and worked BIG for the prompt of defender (by redokapi. Unfortunately, I did not have *good* charcoal, only a big square stick of fairly cheap stuff. I would like to go back and work on this more with smaller vine charcoal. It was fun trying something new, even if I'm not enamored with the results.

A teeny, rough sketch, but I rather like it. Exploring a heavier body-type and expressiveness: Nudity, so no thumbnail.

This last one is the one I'm most likely to finish. The prompt was "Gardens of the Queen Mermaid with peacocks" by lindseyhodder. Peacock fish intrigued me...

If you are interested in owning any of these originals, please contact me. Several of them, I will be exploring further on my own. To see what else was created - some of it from the same prompts I used, check out the full event: http://community.livejournal.com/emglivejournal/3567.html

A big thank you to our uploading form sponsors: selinafenech, draken_art and Jeffrey! I felt like having that form available for the participants was an enormous help, and really improved our ability to share our work. I am still accepting tips towards the webpage I am building to host this event in the future:

The next Sketch Fest is tentatively scheduled for June 18-19, at the same time. (I have jury duty starting the following week. For THREE months!)

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