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It was an exciting weekend, with a theme of 'fire.'

Saturday was windy. Very unusually windy for us, with little leaf-devils on the driveway, and the tops of the birch trees whipping around like crazy. Lots of branches came down, though no major ones. We heard the first siren go by early in the afternoon. Then another one. Then another. And another. Then a helicopter went by overhead.

We live a ways out of town - although it's not completely out of the ordinary to hear a helicopter or a siren or two, our fire department is pretty small, and we're not in the path to anywhere in particular, so such traffic is thin.

More sirens - far more than our local fire department could field - and another helicopter. I went outside and stood on the porch. The sky was getting dark, the wind made it look like an armageddon movie, and I could smell smoke. More sirens going past. A small plane circled overhead, and Jake came out and said: "That's a spotter plane for a retardant bomber!" (He worked in forestry as a fire fighter for several years.) The smoke thickened.

We went over our mental checklist for evacuation (what's replaceable, what's not, I'd take the dog and cat in the car, we'd need to wrestle the cap onto the truck, lifting restrictions be damned...) and checked the Internet. Sure enough, there's a brush fire just a few blocks over from us. Four fire departments and three hotshot crews were already on it.

The wind started to die down, after that, and the helicopter stopped making passes overhead. By evening, it had started to rain. The newsminer later reported that it was 10-acres in perimeter (though that entire area was not entirely fire damaged - that was just the area of containment they set up.), and that it was caused by wind-downed power lines. One out-building was lost, two homes were threatened.

On Sunday, I went to gaming for the first time since surgery. It was fun, if tiring, and I was able to eat pizza. (Mmm... pizza!) I got to use my investigative skills!

I came home and I had enough energy left to finish re-wiring the Internet in my studio so I'm not tripping over the cord to the TV, routing them up on the ceiling out of the way, and moving the router and modem off of my desk. I'm thinking about ripping out the built-in stuff I've got in the studio - now that I've moved away from production, I don't need as much storage and my workspace needs are different.

I had to sit in my chair for a while after that, and Jake brought me an amazing grapefruit cocktail. Mmm...

Then, he made dinner, but managed to burn some things to the broiler pan, which set off the fire alarm. They are all interconnected (building code), so ALL the alarms in the house went off. And went off. BEEP BEEP BEEP. Velcro huddled in the corner. Norway, outside on his run, made slow, stiff-legged, nervous circles and whined. We fanned the alarm, and it continued to go off. Thinking the smoke had gotten upstairs, I went upstairs and fanned that alarm. BEEP BEEP BEEP

They continued to shriek.

We disconnected the downstairs alarm from the electric supply. The other alarms went mercifully quiet, but that one continued to go off. I took it outside. BEEP BEEP BEEP

I left it on the porch for several moments. (The smoke from the day before had long ago cleared out.) It kept beeping, loud enough to hear inside. Norway hid behind his doghouse.

We took the battery out to try to reset it.

Blessed silence.

Put the battery back in - BEEP BEEP BEEP.

Pulled it out, blew the devise out, shook it a little in puzzlement. Put the battery back in. BEEP BEEP BEEP.

Tried a new battery, because that one did feel a little low. BEEP BEEP BEEP. Ear-bleeding tones.

It's still in pieces downstairs.

Velcro didn't forgive me until I fed her dinner.

Today I'll have some drafting to do, and some follow-up with a potential web-sorta client, plus plenty of coding on my List of Doom.

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