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Daily rambles: EMG and shopping

Tonight: Get off of work at 3:30, drive Jake home to watch hockey. Use his computer during hockey time to work on EMG webpage. YAY!!! Two or three solid hours ought to get a fair amount done. I'll borrow his earphones and isolate myself from the yodeling, and get lots done. That's the plan. Once hockey is over, I'll drive back into town, pick up the dryer and woodstove with Matt and Jake, and plug away at backing up EMG's computer some more (5 discs down, Loooots to go) and print stuff for Anthrocon and work on making new graphics files for the webpage. Must install PS7!

Tomorrow: Art crawl with Melody!

HTML stuff
~Re-do printing services to include new items, check pricing.
~Re-do contact page to correct me/be; include contact form.
~Set up artists-page for new signed-contract-first method and make sure to emphasize the 'details about originals' for electronic submissions, too. Add contact form and/or add-to-artistslist on that page. Also, put in BIG LETTERS that I don't have time to just 'check out' people's work. I'm getting swamped - practically spammed - by people who want me to check out their Elfwood galleries or personal homepages to see if their work is acceptable or their style is good, or... I'm not sure what, do they want critiques? Do they want me to tell them what to submit? I just don't have time to deal with them, and I'm starting to lose patience. I'm going to start sending back form letters pointing to my guidelines. I also need to add a note to the info that I don't need a life history or resume with a submission; I could care less if they are amateurs or have been doing artwork professionally. And I don't have time to tell people what to draw, either; I think that the suggestions that I have on my artists guidelines pages are perfectly clear, and very specific. Update artists guidelines, then answer all of those messages with links to the updated guidelines.
~Set up file system for product pages. Take photos of products to add to page (and possible to pop-up info!).

CGI stuff
~Add all artist/authors
~Add entries
~Change CCNOW link-back to logwebpath on every entry (Maybe add a note to the Search Results page that using the back button on your browser will return you to that page...)
~Compile all products into single entry for each design.
~Add all specific product pics to extended entry area.
~Remember to come back and change image sizes when I get the main design images finished.
~Change templates to include correct links for product pages

Photoshop stuff
~Graphics for multi-product designs. (Save re-doing existing files for later)
~Re-do Print Service graphic for main page.
~Re-do Customwork graphics for main page.
~Create Fancy Graphic for my personal page.
~Create Graphic for The Project. (Maybe save for later)
~Upgrade to PS7.
~Print stuff for Anthrocon, and for TVSF. Start list of should-haves.
~Make webgraphics for Tito's, Ursula's, etc...

Email Stuff
~Email to all artists in limbo.
~Email to Paul
~Email to Marilyn, check print status and send contract
~Email to Lacey about getting print files and contract and inking the fairy sketch.
~Dig through Inbox for other important messages I've forgotten.

Contract Stuff
~Select stuff from Apis
~Select stuff from Marilyn
~Check out other submission packages lying around.

Mail Stuff
~Mail unselected work back to Lonnie
~Mail unselected work back to Tito
~Mail payment to Cathy

Filing Stuff

In My Spare Time Stuff
~See how envelope printing goes.
~Price color laser printers
~Laugh hysterically at my bank balance and hope that Anthrocon and the fair go well...


Yeah, you read that right, happy weight gain! Skip the rest of this if you're one of those people who hates skinny girls for being skinny... It's just genetic! My Dad looks like photos of Abe Lincoln.

I went shopping with Jake last night, and, for shopping, it went remarkably well. I got three new pairs of jeans, five bras and Jake got running shoes.

My jeans were getting more and more uncomfortable, and all of them looked, well, like I built a house in them. Patched knees, stains, ragged hems, faded seams... shoddy stuff. I have a couple of pairs of pants, but most of them are barely-too-short hand-me-downs, and I was sick of looking like I couldn't dress myself. I haven't bought bras in about five years, and all of them had their straps extended as far as they'd go and the elastic was all worn out and none of them were actually *white* anymore.

I'm a different shape than I was when I bought those cloths. I've gained fifteen pounds since then, all in the hips and boobs, and it's no wonder I couldn't bend over without getting a horrible wedgy. My arms are no longer their thickest at the elbow! You can no longer count my ribs when I'm sitting! My collarbones don't make me look like a starving Ethiopian child! My thighs touch when I stand with my feet together! I have enough padding on my ass that sitting on a wooden chair is not a terrible discomfort anymore! I am healthy and finally a normal size! I tried on six pairs of jeans, and three of them fit... an unheard of ratio for Ellen. The bras all fit, too! I'm a real C-cup now, not a B and a half in a shape that apparently bra-makers haven't heard of. I even have pinch-able tummy-pudge!!!

I am so happy with my weight now. It isn't the thirty pounds I was told I needed to gain when I was a freshman (I am 5'8", and at the time [8 years ago] was 105 lbs. I am now 125 lbs.), but I am ecstatic. Ten more pounds? I dunno... I like where I am now. :) I finally have enough reserves that missing a meal doesn't flatline me. (I still eat every two hours, stupid bloodsugar, but I'm not *quite* as dependant.)

Anyway, shopping... I got my loot, and was pretty sure that we would be another hour shopping for Jake, because Jake has weird feet, and Jake is very picky. Went to Payless shoes, and with sinking heart realized they had nothing he even wanted to try on. Went next door to Footlocker, and were assisted at once by a guy who could recognize what shoes Jake was holding from across the store and tell him from memory which sizes were in stock. Jake tried on a pair and walked out of the store with them not much long after. Painless! What a joy!

I can sit in these jeans without wondering if I am going to lose circulation in my legs or exposing most of my hairy white calves to the world. I don't feel like I've got a wire band around my chest! I can bend over without sucking in my breath! Soooo happy!!! I didn't even *realize* how uncomfortable I was!

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