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Sponsorship poll

Freelance project 1 (of the day) is done. 1 still to do.

I also got auto-approval working for print services. (If you've proven that you've got a handle on what high resolution files are and how big they can print, you don't have to wait for me to inspect the files before you can order them.)

And, I got a general donation towards my writing yesterday, which can be applied to either of these choices:

Poll #1563881 Sponsored Fiction

Which story should be sponsored?

By the Clock

By the Clock, 900 words, features Birka and Jerumal, and is future-dated for probable release next January at our current rate. :P It was prompted by valdary. If sponsored, I will print it here early - it doesn't contain major spoilers that aren't already spoiled.

Spilled is 1650 words, about Areluu and her age-set's last test. It includes Lenaroth. It was prompted by tonithegreat. If sponsored, I will print it here as soon as I get character approvals. No spoilers, it's set in the past.

A full Muse Fusion review will be posted in the torn_world community journal when I get back from lunch out with my sweetie. Lunch out! Like, out of the house! Like, at a restaurant! And I don't have to order dry toast and a boiled chicken breast!

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