Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


It's windy today. The trees are whipping around in a frenzy, and every so often there are little 'leaf-devils.'

It smells like rain, and I hope that pans out, if only to cut down on the pollen.

I have some paid work to do today (horrah!) and a list of doom that needs attention.

I have a migraine hangover today. The headache itself is gone (thankfully!), but there's an emptiness in my brain that's still lingering and reminding me of pain. If the weather calms down a little, I'll go out and have a walk in the woods to try to clear the last of it away. In the meantime, eating, stretching (I can again!) and frequent breaks to keep my eyes from tiring.

I quite like the three stories I finished yesterday, even if I didn't make my goal of five. I got as much finished work as I did at the last Muse Fusion, with a higher total wordcount. It does not suck.* Particular thanks to Jeffrey!

It's raining! My toast needs toasting! I have work to do!

Maybe more blogging later...

* If I tell myself this enough times, I may actually believe it...

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