Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Muse Fusion #4 roundup

By the Clock, 900 words, features Birka and Jerumal, and is future-dated for probable release next January at our current rate. :P It is available for sponsorship for $10 at this link. It was prompted by valdary.

Spilled is 1650 words, about Areluu and her age-set's last test. It includes Lenaroth. It is available for sponsorship for $15 at this link. It was prompted by tonithegreat.

If not sponsored, these two will be available for supporters-only when published.

Prompts from ysabethwordmith and wyld_dandelyon led to: The Reluctant Rescue, 1000 words, which revisits Meiffolv (from Repairman). This one will be this Muse Fusion's freebie.

And I started on Dorje and the Festival of Combs on the prompt of xjenavivex, but ran face-first into a migraine instead. It has been successfully dampened (horrah!), but I still feel pretty wiped out, and my ability to form complete sentences has been temporarily .

General donations are also appreciated! Thank you for making this possible!


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