Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


I am ready to stop being sore just from sitting upright in a chair a few hours. *displeased*

I am also, however, very, very grateful for the ability to eat again, so my complaints today will be limited to that single line. I am improving steadily. And, as my mother reminded me, it's a minor miracle that I'm doing as well as I am after having an organ removed from my body. They used to recommend 6 weeks off for any abdominal surgery. I'm just over 2 weeks out from this surgery, and really, in the scope of things, doing very well.

And did I mention that I can eat again?

Business as Usual

I got two coloring books reformatted yesterday, and made great strides on the Steampunk coloring book, too. All of them have been ordered, and I need to finish and upload the last one today. I should have proofs of the new ones, and stock on hand for the reprints, by mid-June.

I posted a general project update for Torn World over at the crowdfunding community. I've published 30 short stories so far this year. It's just over 4 months into the year, and I've done *30* stories. Some of them were started at the end of last year, but I've also got several written that won't be published for some time, so I figure it balances. That's... pretty good, I think. And Homecoming actually starts some honest to goodness PLOT.

Art and Authoring

Holy moly! I sketched again! It's still not entirely comfortable - I tend to rotate my sketchbook as I work, and jam myself in the stomach with it, if I'm not careful. Who knew! I always took my tough stomach for granted, apparently.

I started an illustration for Homecoming:

(Very rough, still! But it's got one of my favorite things to draw: a waterfall!)

And a sketch for a short story idea I'd like to follow up on:

(She's not really topless, that's just how I sketch so I can get clothing folds right. For some reason, I felt compelled to attempt the most difficult face angle known to man.)

Okay! Finishing the steampunk coloring book now. Here's a sneak peek at the cover:


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