Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Mondaily with weekend wrap-up

The weekend was somewhat wretched. I took walks each day, because I'm going freaking stir-crazy, but they exhausted me. I was too tired to go to the bellydance performance and sulked about it for a while because I was so, so sure I would be performing in it and I don't deal gracefully with being less strong than I think I ought to be. I was ill on Sunday morning. Poor Velcro was pitifully sick all weekend, only finally passing what was bothering her very late (and with incredible stink) last night. Then, Jake and I both woke up at 3 this morning with what was probably food poisoning. I got nothing crossed off of my list.

But this morning, besides some lingering gastronomical discomfort, I feel better, and Velcro has perked up incredibly and was seriously excited about food. She was quite convinced it had been much more than three days that she hadn't eaten (I was getting seriously concerned, and almost took her in several times over the weekend). I treated her to a little canned food - which I never buy, but I got a sample of in a bag of dry. She cried with excitement while I was dishing it up, gobbled it down in seconds and is sleeping peacefully in front of the heater.

Business as Usual

Today, my first order of business is to work on coloring books. I'd love to have those back in stock for the big fantasy art shop unveil. I think I've put it off too long to do that now, because I am an A#1 dork, but sooner is still better.

Then, I shall tackle more coding from my list. Something short and sweet that I'm already close to finishing, I think. I need some sense of accomplishment.

Art and Authoring

I did work on Homecoming rather extensively. It's... a little wordy in places. Big swathes of description that doesn't feel excessive, really, but very well might be. A fresh re-read this morning, and then I'll post this for review.

I have a new story up at Torn World: Railcrazy. I seem to have a trend for writing short one-offs about odd employees of the Empire for each Muse Fusion.

Home and Health

Not complaining.


Wednesday is the next Muse Fusion! I'm already getting excited about it - they are such fun, and I need a day of creativity.

And I'm feeling a need to doodle - I can sit with my sketchbook again, I just haven't had any real desire to yet. It's starting to return!

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