Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Anyone else have problems with their guestbooks being spammed? I've had to delete about six posts this week with links to 'my webcam' and 'my money-making scheme.' Plus a bunch of questionable 'See you soon, love so-and-so-I've-never-heard-of' just to get their webpage linked in the comment. Nothing at *all* actually about my site. *grumbles* Wondering if it's worth keeping for the few *good* responses I get there. Need to make up my mind before I get these darned webchanges made. Which I have made excellent progress on.

Okay, mediocre progress.

Took an EMG detour figuring out the thrice-damned overseas taxes and handling fee crap. Need to post a disclaimer about it; so far it appears to be limited to Sweden and Canada, but I need to cross-check some order values. Damn, I wish my database were out of beta testing already. Must prod helpful father. Ten years shipping overseas and I'm just *now* running into this?! *bangs head on keyboard.* Goes to show you never stop learning, I guess. I don't have a good solution to this; I don't really have the luxury of lying about value or merchandise/gift status. Not if I enclose an invoice and customs can open the package. Were any of you overseas people I've sent gifts to charged tax or handling fees when you picked up my packages?

Far behind with new artists.

Further behind on catalog requests.

Much further behind on admin stuff.

Stupid dayjob. Maybe I can take a whole week off sometime in June and just WORK. Before Jennie gets here, preferably, because everything is nightmareishly unorganized right now. I wasn't honestly expecting to be in my parent's basement still, and now it's looking like I'll be there for-frickin-ever. *Grumble*

*stumbles off in search of food.* When I'm grumpy, I'm usually hungry...

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