Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Hacker update...

Okay! I have leveled up in security, installed some new programs and learned far more about IP tracking, shell access and security cracks than I ever wanted to.

On the up side, my passwords were never compromised. I could verify that no one but myself has logged into this user since May 1. The logins were consistent with the times I was working on the site, and from my verified IP.

The crack came from old wiki software I'd left at Torn World, that moved over when I transferred the site. Logs show clearly that a particular page on the wiki was being accessed at regular intervals that coincided with the timing between hacks, from an IP that visited no real pages at the site. Why the wiki software has a crack that major? I can't say. But let my trials be a lesson to you: Update your software. Or, better yet, don't use out-of-the-box software when you can help it. I am SO SO SO glad I moved the original TW wiki over to the site.

It has been deleted. The folder structure has been majorly purged and all the old versions of the forum have also been scrapped.

Bastard hackers have been thwarted. I am triumphant.

A day behind, now, but triumphant.

Also, it is snowing like crazy.

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