Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Support your local starving artist!

*clears throat and shamelessly plugs*

For those of you who are squawking (and rightly so) about CafePress, do drop me a line; I am happy to set up an on-demand printing service with you individually, and I do have access to products that I don't list. Just ask. My prices are here, and I think you'll find they're competitive. I won't run a shopping cart for you, but most of you probably already have PayPal accounts and can do that on your own anyway.

I don't have any minimum sales per year clauses. I never will. I'm not going to charge anyone for something that doesn't sell; you collect the payment and then send some of it to me to get the products mailed. I'm not a big impersonal corporation that is too important to listen to you. And I don't require any of that copyright legal mumbo-jumbo because I'm not accepting money from a third party, I'm paid to print for you, the artist, and shipping to the customer, not printing your work for the customer directly. It's a subtle difference, but important.

And for heavens sake, they've always been a ripoff. You know how much blank mousepads cost? $0.99. Less than a dollar. (They do double in cost for me because of shipping to Alaska, but I *know* that CafePress does enough business to get better rates that I do on everything, so their markups must be absolutely ridiculous.) Transfers are $.67. Ink runs about $.50 for mousepad needs. I have to make a special trip into town to get them pressed, which costs me lots of time and money, but CafePress must have a press in-house. My price on mousepads is still cheaper than theirs.

If you have any reservations about quality because I'm such a teensy business, I invite you to talk to any of my customers. I have a complete satisfaction guarantee, and I haven't ever had an order, or any part of an order, returned in the ten years (come October) that I've been in business.

Email me at ellen @ ellenmilliongraphics.com if you have any questions I can answer for you.

End plug.

I have zebra-striped tights! And I drank waaaay too much coffee this morning.

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