Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

List of Doom

This is what I want to finish in May:

Finish updating the lilypad, including:
  • Banner uploading
  • Preference editing
  • Cover Pages for all subsections
  • Minion-run support site
  • Fix print service review, add auto-approve
  • PA backend things
  • Add log to all activity

    Portrait Adoption:
  • Re-attach to new database
  • New look

    Beta of Commission Control:
  • Build tables
  • Build client view page(s) - so close!
  • Build lilypad artist page(s) (art management, project browsing)

    Other Project of No Name Yet
  • Finish pricing list
  • Finish my own site - pretty much done except for content transfer.
  • Page uploading
  • Finish sites for client 2 and 3
  • Email JO
  • Email TB
  • Set up backend for client 4
  • Set up front end for client 4

    Fantasy Art Shop
  • Rebuild the search pages
  • Artist pages
  • Artwork pages
  • Shop by product
  • Get artists to start inputting work.

    Coloring Books:
  • Rum and Ruffians II (nearly finished converting to new printer)
  • Steampunk
  • Fishbowl Fantasies (needs conversion to new printer)
  • Straight reprints of Dotminatrix, Goddesses, DFFH2, Fantastic Magic

    EMG-Zine anthology:
  • Nudge MA about high res. - got 'em all!!
  • Finish the rest. (sooooooooo close)
  • Order proof.
  • Set up pre-order

    EMG-Zine site
  • Redo menus to remove desktop gallery
  • Improved karma and credits system.
  • Integrate with lilypad

    Fantastic Portfolios
  • Integrate with lilypad
  • Karma integration for critics
  • Recruit more critics
  • Various improvements, including spam-join blocking, email editing

    Torn World
  • Finish Homecoming, Meetings, story where Birka goes South, Death Rights, Marda story, Fragments/Glorious.
  • Finish automating karma awards
  • Keep posting one thing+ every weekday.
  • Write-up on the Empire - posted for review
  • Subscribe

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