Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Happy May Day!

I continue to improve day to day, thank you, everyone, for your good wishes and healing thoughts. *big hugs* I'm really not sure why I had in my head that I'd be up in a few days and fully healed in a week. Optimism, maybe.

My head is somewhat back in the game, though I continue to be in some pain and have little energy or mobility. I got caught up on Torn World administrative stuff, at least a little - enough to get some artwork, stories, articles and even an awesome new webcomic by Valerie up. One of the new pieces is my story Building a City, which is related to the City of Lights storyline. I also helped get the new issue of EMG-Zine up, and finished a freelance coding project. Oh, plus I started re-designing my own site, closed down the Fantasy Art Shop and started the big database restructure. WHAT? This IS me relaxing.

(It's odd that laptopping is lower impact than drawing - I never realized before that I rest my sketchbook against my belly while I work. No art for a while, I fear.)

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