Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


Business as Usual

Keeping busy! Getting all my orders out. Then, I'll go work off some anxious energy at the gym, go shopping for things I can eat after surgery (plus pet food), and... try not to fret too much this evening. I got some coding done at Torn World last night, which is... I think it's kind of like knitting to some people, or crossword puzzles. It's soothing, but occupying, and rather rewarding.

Art and Authoring

Made a breakthrough on a story while drifting off to sleep last night, and scribbled some random notes about it. I can read... some of them. I think I still have the pieces I needed in my head. I'd love some time today to get them down more completely, but don't think I'll get it.

Home and Health


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