Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
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Business as Usual

Feel hopelessly behind. Today, my big goal is to clean my studio so it's not quite so overwhelmingly messy and do some laundry, because I am very definitely not going to feel like doing that this weekend. Or next week. Or possibly for some time. First priority is the soft, comfy clothing with little or no waistband.

I made more major strides on Sekrit Project #1. Honestly, I'd probably do a reveal on it now, if I weren't headed for the hospital in two days. I'll see how I'm feeling afterward, and take it easy. (SHOCK. GASP.)

New story up at Torn World: Wild Snowy Chase pt 1 by Deirdre, and the results of the last contest, and the new contest rules have been posted at the forum! (I wanted to have the contest submission stuff ready by now, but there are only so many hours in the day...)

There's only ONE piece left in the Fantastic Portfolios queue! HORRAY!

Have I mentioned lately that the Fantasy Art Shop will be closed for ALL OF MAY? And that when it reopens, many current designs will be long gone? Just a reminder... http://fantasyartshop.com

And the theme for the next EMG-Zine that we're collecting work for is 'Earth': http://emg-zine.com/submitart.php

Today, I need to re-order some coloring books!

Home and health stuff

I'm feeling... very lucky, actually. Scared of the surgery, and restless and chewing on the lower lip and such, but VERY lucky. We've hit our out-of-pocket with the insurance company, and although it's an awful lot of money still, it's in our budget spreadsheet. Under 'mechanical repairs.' (No, seriously... that's where it's coming from. Hope that no cars or furnaces break down this year...) And I didn't have to go through months or years of misery to get this dealt with. I shed a lot of hard-earned weight (which makes me VERY grumpy when I look in the mirror - my butt? It is gone.), and I'm whining about the food I can't eat, but I'm not in pain, I know what went wrong, and we had the means and help to get it fixed in good time. I'm looking at... well, I shouldn't speak yet, but we're talking a month or two of inconvenience, not years of illness, not knowing, or not being able to get help for it.

Very. Lucky.

So, don't mind my whining.

Also? Spam fail! My last entry got WEIGHT LOSS spam. Stupid bastards.


Djinni's icon day: http://djinni.livejournal.com/223159.html

This icon (and one other) came from the last one!

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