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Stroganoff for lunch.

Woot! I have Evanescence! Very cool... Thank you thank you, Julsey!

Got several work dwgs out already today. Yay.

Fun writing for the day to include: Halrae's hatching scene, V'lar's 'Somebody's' scene and a post for the RP where Unaleali runs into Tiairi. Kaz stuff in entirety. Oh, and hopefully work in 400words on 'stuffed anima.' I may just use the first word. (And I will note that the first time I read through the prompt, I saw 'stuffed enema...')

Debating whether a post in elfwoodrant would be helpful or not. Did you notice that in all those 'this isn't what you should do,' there weren't terribly many 'this is what you should do's? What should you do if you want help identifying originals so you can report something? What should you do if the ERB doesn't remove something? Who should you contact? I have some ideas, but good lord, I don't even want to look at the elfwood journals anymore. I'll just get irritated at the lack of rational thought and ugly behavior, because that's something that has always gotten me riled. And I'm too tired to get riled today... *yawns-stretches*

Would be very nice to do a Critters critique or two.

Frustrated with my art. Mostly with the lack of time I've been able to spend on it. Really, really, really croning for a tablet so I can *finish* some of these pieces. I should be good and go through the laborious steps of finishing them non-digitally, but, well, I'm feeling lazy and busy beyond belief. And my originals don't sell anyway. Not well, at any rate. (No, I'm not fishing for compliments, I'm moping. I'll love my work and feel like I'm going somewhere when I cheer up. My whole life is an endless cycle of ups and downs, and I've come to grips with this... doesn't mean I don't want to whine occasionally when I feel like it.)

When are they going to add more hours to the day? My to-do list is going to be the death of my sanity. Poor sanity's already lying bleeding on the floor, goading me to post lines and lines of 'Eeeek Eeeek Eeeek' and pictures of monkeys in my livejournal.

MUST ART!!! MUST ART!!! *looks at calendar* I have art time scheduled for Friday. Except that I forgot about my downtown plans with Melody on Friday. So I have no art time until this weekend. RARGH!!!

I should have been a stripper.

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