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Ellen's usual meanders...

I want to draw! But I'm at work, and if I'm on the computer I at least *look* like I'm working.

I was sick last weekend, all weekend and Monday, but still managed to update my pages. There are some errors I still need to fix, however. I'm beginning to despair of catching up. I've got to get the catalog finished and laid out, and printed and mailed in time for Christmas! Ugh! I at least managed to get all of the orders out that I needed to last night. Yay!!

I think it's time for a new list of things to do to scare me with:

1. Fix webpage errors. (prob 30 minutes worth of work)
2. Update email list (2-3 hrs)
3. Mail to email list (15 min)
4. Finish Rushwater Holt Tarot card layout (6 hrs)
5. Print, laminate and cut RWH Tarot cards (20 hrs)
6. Remember why I agreed to do RWH tarot cards... oh yeah, it's fun. (0 hrs)
7. Finish catalog layout (8 hrs)
8. Format catalog for printing, write to disk (1 hr)
9. Take catalog for printing, pick up assembled. (40 min)
10. Print mailing list, screen for no activity, add new people to database, and hand-address catalogs to new people. (10 hrs)
11. Stamp, staple and mail catalogs (3 hrs, can be done in front of a movie or in my sleep)
12. Make more mousepads for bazaar on Sunday. (3 hrs)
13. Assemble more bookmarks for bazaar (1 hr)
14. Print more prints for bazaar (1 hr)
15. Load car for bazaar (1 hr)
16. Bazaar on Sunday, including setup, takedown and running around like headless chicken thru-out day (10 hrs)
17. Oh crap! Update sample books with new designs and purge old designs before bazaar on Sunday (2 hr)
18. Eat, sleep and go to the 40 hr/week day job.
19. Maintain sanity and try not to be selfish, self-martyring or snotty.

Which equals 110 1/2 hours that I'd really like to accomplish in the next week. Not including the eating, sleeping and sanity bits, or any new orders that come in.

You know what I miss? The days when my business was so small that I had the address for every one of my customers memorized, at least down to their state, and I could tell you what they'd ordered, and when, and I knew all of my artists down to their favorite colors and their handwriting, and I handwrote every catalog address and added personal notes to every order and correspondence.

I loved that.

Sometimes I advertise and expand EMG more because I have some weird idea I owe it to my artists than I do because I want to expand. Well, that, and I want to retire to it, which I can't exactly do at this stage! :P

Enough of my blather.

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